Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Victoria Barrett in Summer Day Play

Cybergirl Victoria Barrett is summer personified in this set from photographer Jose Luis. Tucked into a skimpy bikini, Victoria cools it poolside. In order to avoid pesky tan lines, she decides to do a little skinny-dipping. “I love the feeling of exuding sexuality,” says Victoria, splashing around in the pool. “I feel better naked than I do in clothes, and it’s so much fun to get naked for Playboy!” Victoria may be having fun, but we’re having an absolute blast watching her—we’d love to see this dark-haired beauty take on the Mansion pool. “Anyone can wear clothes,” says Victoria. “I feel comfortable and sexy in nothing but my own skin—now that’s rewarding!” Take a dip with water babe Victoria Barrett, only on Playboy Plus.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kawaii Girl

Naughty and cute Kimmy is going to be our naughty 18 years old lolita cosplayer. Young and filthy, she is every doll you wanted to play with.
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Samy Jordan in Good Vibes

Cybergirl Samy Jordan spends the day in bed in this romantic set from photographer Justin Price. In nothing but a light tee and stockings, Samy traipses into the bedroom, glancing over her shoulder and inviting you to join her. “For me, the biggest turn-on is being a little rough in bed,” she says, giggling. “That’s just so hot! And for the record, I think size matters—even if you’re not so good, I’m still happy, you know?” Slipping out of her top and panties, Samy kneels on the bedspread, running her hands over her petite yet very curvy body. Far from the bedroom, Miss Jordan prefers to have sex en plein air. “The craziest place I’ve ever done it probably outside of a Las Vegas resort,” says Samy, blushing. “Whoops, confession!” Put your hands together for the gorgeous Samy Jordan, right here on Playboy Plus.
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Michaela & Sabrisse in Pillow Fight

Michaela and Sabrisse have a rather seductive sleepover in this set from photographers David Merenyi and Gabor Klinzsky. Both all natural, with brown hair and easy smiles, these two Czechs make some very good—and in some cases, very naughty— bedfellows. In nothing but a few slips of clothing, the girls start to have a pillow fight, and it’s not long before things get heated. “When me and Misa are together, we’re like a hurricane,” says Sabrisse, using her pet name for Michaela. “I think our relationship is more than friendship—we need each other in our lives!” Wordlessly, Michaela agrees—dragging Sabrisse down onto the bed, she shows her exactly how much she needs her. Have a little fun with Michaela and Sabrisse, right here on Playboy Plus.
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Chanel Elle in Ripe & Ready

Chanel Elle is your Cybergirl of the Month for August 2015, and she’s ripe and ready in this set from photographer Holly Randall. In figure-hugging lingerie and heels, Chanel’s at the top of her game—young and all natural, she’s the perfect example of the girl next door, and very deserving of her CGOM title. “I feel sexiest when I’m shooting for Playboy,” explains Chanel. “There’s nothing like getting all dolled up and having the cameras trained on you! I’ve said it before, but it really turns me on to be able to pose like this for you guys!” Physically, Chanel has been blessed with many things—bright green eyes, a gorgeous smile and a soft, round behind—but best of all, she loves her natural breasts. “A handful is all you need,” she says, flashing that trademark smile. “Well, maybe two handfuls!” You’ll have your hands full with our fun-loving Cybergirl of the Month, right here on Playboy Plus.
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ashleigh Hannah in Hippie Shake

Ashleigh Hannah goes au naturel in this gorgeous set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Though it was her first time going to Bali, Ashleigh fit in with the locals right away. “I’m a thrill seeker, so I’m always up for an adventure,” she tells us. “If you asked me to jump out of a plane right now, I’d totally do it. Shooting in Bali was like that—when Playboy invited me, I jumped on a plane and was shooting 24 hours later!” The results you see here are hotter than the Indonesian climate—this all-natural Aussie will have you sweating in no time. “I used to be so camera-shy,” says Ashleigh, shaking her head. “That’s why Playboy is an exciting opportunity for me. I’m comfortable naked, so why shouldn’t I get in front of the camera?” Get it with the titillating Ashleigh Hannah, right here on Playboy Plus.
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Morgan Hovanek in Killer Babe

Newcomer Morgan Hovanek will have you geeking out with this hot set from photographer Jose Luis. Dark-haired, with piercing blue eyes and more than her fair share of tattoos, Morgan comes to us from Dallas, Texas, where she works as a model. “I model full time, and I love it,” professes Morgan. “I’m a very active person at this point in my life, but trust me, I know how to relax. I love playing Xbox, pretty much all things nerdy, and I can’t resist a glass of red wine.” A first-time Playboy model, Morgan was a little nervous about posing nude, but now that her photos are out there in the world, she couldn’t be happier. “This is me looking like I could never imagine myself looking,” she says happily. “I feel so, so beautiful—I’m vibrating with self-pride in a way I’ve never felt before. I hope you guys love this pictorial!” Fall in love with the adorably nerdy Morgan Hovanek, only on Playboy Plus.
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